How Artificial Intelligence (AI) will change the Future.

How artificial intelligence will change the future

What is Artificial intelligence?

It is, in layman’s terms,  a kind of simulation of normal human intelligence which can be useful in making machines smarter. Machines can learn and reason, and become more accurate by self-correction using this technology. This AI, or Artificial Intelligence, as it stands today, is already a fast emerging solution to many everyday problems of the common users. This technology has already arrived, with a bulk of potential for the future. Many of us use AI without realizing, and it helps make possible, things we couldn’t even dream of back in the day.

We need to realize, now that it is here, the future of this technology, keeps getting better and better.

Let’s discuss some of the surprises that the future of AI may have for the common man, some of the Artificial Intelligence Future ideas-

1. Smarter AI assists.

We are living in a world where we have the assistance of Siri from Apple, Alexa from Amazon and many such others. Today these can be used to play a song of personal preference, to look up something on the web and other things. In the near future, with the improvement of AI technology, these will be used to get even more personalized experiences and will be effectively implemented on a range of devices! Imagine talking to not only to your phone but also your refrigerator!

2. No more Dangerous Jobs!

There will be no need to risk our lives in the future! We have so far, seen the use of intricate machinery to get our difficult jobs done better, but soon, we will see that there is no requirement to put our lives on the line to do those extra risky tasks anymore, since there will be advanced robots, doing these jobs for us. This will be achieved with the advances in AI and soon there will come a time, when the most advanced problems, will be taken care of by robots so that you don’t have to worry about the health hazards related to doing something potentially dangerous.

There are drones being used today to defuse bombs and these save thousands of lives every year while providing safety to the people operating the drones from a distance.

This is truly just the beginning. Soon we will see real robots do things that most people are scared of doing because of the life risk involved.

3.    Better Diagnosis of Medical conditions and cure!

Researchers are looking to build AI-based applications that will help diagnose problems of human health in real time.These could be anything from devices you wear that monitor your blood sugar levels, to more advanced inventions that use AI to prevent the loss of human life! We already have devices to measure heart rate, blood pressure, and other things; we will simply need to make them smarter. The future of this technology will lead us to a more healthy life and will also probably increase the life expectancy of all of us, quite a bit.

4.    Better care for the Elderly.

Since the future will have AI reaching a point where machine intelligence will be reaching the reasonable standard, machines could well be used to take care of the older people in need of assistance and senior citizens in general. Machines could be employed to be at their constant beck and call and this could open new avenues of elderly caregiving. The machines could finally enable the elders of our society to get the pampering they need at the comfort of their own homes, without having to move out to a caregiving facility. This technology could in the future be used to tackle medical emergencies when they happen in the elderly population too as it solely depends on the progress of Artificial Intelligence from here on. Indeed, AI is going to be the answer to most of our problems in the near future.

5.    New ways of transportation! Self-Driven Cars.

We have already started seeing cars that can drive on their own, without the requirement of human assistance. Although this technology is still primitive, it has the potential to change the ways of human transportation. We have to have a person at the wheel who can take over if needed with the technology we have today. Tomorrow, we may not need such human intervention at all and our cars may become completely automated, driven on their own. Artificial Intelligence Future jobs will be simplified and hassle-free.

6.    New Methods of Cyber-Defense.

One day AI will be used to combat cyber attacks as it progresses. That day is not far when today’s softwares that are frequently targeted by hackers, will be protected using AI as a defense system. Since AI deals with large volumes of data, it should be able to ensure the safety of the data by preventing from falling into the wrong hands. AI will reach such a high standard of accurately recognizing patterns that hackers will have a tremendously hard time getting hands on other people’s information. This truly is the future of cyber-security.

Now, with all these benefits, there are certain Risks of Artificial Intelligence. Some people worry that with the machines becoming extremely smart, human beings could easily be replaced in the workforce, and corporations could largely consist of robots in the future! But we are still very far away from that kind of technological progress and have nothing to worry about right now. Moreover, to see clearly in the future that lies too ahead of our times, we sometimes tend to over think and speculate. It is certain that the advantages of Artificial intelligence far outweigh the odds and we have already elaborated how Artificial Intelligence is helpful to the world immensely in this article.

If we can fully comprehend the impact of Artificial Intelligence on society, we can understand that it’s surely the way forward for us humans and a common way of life for the future generations to come. We cannot yet fully fathom exactly how artificial intelligence will change the future, but we can be sure, that the change will be big. Let’s wait for the future to unfold together, as we grow to be a progressive and peaceful race of people and let the technology of the future, accomplish, what we couldn’t do, even today in the 21st century!

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