The Top 10 Kings of Digital Marketing in India!

Digital Marketing: The top 10 players in India!

Here’s a new article about the top 10 Digital marketing Companies in India!

We have all heard of Digital Marketing. It is the new way of marketing that has emerged with almost every company acquiring a digital presence and looking for clients online in today’s date. The term broadly encompasses any marketing effort that is done online which results in acquiring new customers. Businesses of today take advantage of social media handles, like Facebook, Twitter, and every means possible including blogging, to get more attention to their products and to redirect traffic to their website.

Like in every field of work, there is competition in this one too. Some Digital Marketing Agencies do a little better than the rest and some do it a lot better. Others tend to lag behind hoping to improve with time. Today we will discuss some of the top players in this industry and give a brief introduction of what they do and stand for!

List of Top 10 Digital Marketing Companies in India (Updated)!

1.    Webchutney

Pricing Range: $$$$$(Very High)| Success Ration: 98.21%

About the Enterprise: Webchutney has been a major player in this industry for over 18 years. They have worked with the top names in the business and have promoted their client’s brands through effective campaigns that have earned them a reputation of excellence in their field! It tops our list and there is no surprise on why it should be number one!

Services Provided: Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Online Reputation management, etc.

Located at: Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore

2.    WatConsult

Pricing Range: $$$$$(Very High)| Success Ration: 97.33%

About the enterprise: it is a Digital Marketing Agency that builds the brand from scratch, and creates the salience for existing brands. This leads to an increase in sales of the client companies and brings in revenue like never before. After all, branding is one of the key components of any kind of marketing and this firm helps do just that with their team of experts, and is number two in our list!

Services Provided: Mobile Marketing, Digital Marketing, Search Marketing, Digital Video Promotion, etc

Located at: Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore

3.    Business Alphabets Corporation

Pricing Range: $$$(Affordable)| Success Ration: 98.98%

About the enterprise: With more than 10 years of experience in the market, Business Alphabets Corporation is a leading Digital Marketing firm that uses marketing strategies to not just increase traffic on the websites of its customers, but also to turn these visitors into buyers of products. This is a name of excellence in this industry, and since its reputation speaks for itself, it ranks 3 on our list of the best 10.

Services Provided: SEO, Mobile Marketing, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Digital Video Promotion, etc

Located at: Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Jaipur, Surat, Pune, Noida, UK, USA, Australia

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4.    Pinstorm

Pricing Range: $$$$(High)| Success Ration: 78.23%

About the enterprise: Ever since its inception in 2004, Pinstorm has been one of the global leaders in the field of Digital marketing and has been an example for many who have followed suit at its heels. Their emphasis on Twitter campaigns, Facebook, mobile friendliness, viral videos, user experience, etc has allowed them to stand apart from the competition and create an effective brand strategy for their clients.

Services Provided: Viral Advertising, Social media marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Online Reputation management, etc.

Located at: Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Zurich, Santa Clara, Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore.

5.    FoxyMoron

Pricing Range: $$$$(High)| Success Ration: 95.23%

About the enterprise: This Company was started by a few friends back in 2008 just as a small business experiment! Now it has grown to be one of the most reputed Digital Marketing enterprises out there with a history of pride assuring a high quality of service! They have worked on many innovative ways of service that have been exemplary for their competitions.

Located at: Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore.

Services Provided: Website designing, Games and app development, SEO, PR, SEM, Print Campaigns, etc.

6.    EveryMedia

Pricing Range: $$$$(High)| Success Ration: 95.23%

About the enterprise: It is a digital and mobile marketing enterprise with a particular interest in brands and movies. They are experts in Digital marketing and provide pioneering campaigns for their clients! They rank number 5 on our list of top 10 digital marketing companies in India. It is a premium SEO company in India.

Located at: Mumbai

Services Provided: Web Development, Social Media, SEO, online PR, SEM, Content Monetization, Digital Rights Management, etc.

7.    Gozoop

Pricing Range: $$$$(High)| Success Ration: 85.11%

About the enterprise: It is an expert at brand building and brand promotion by its own process of enhancing its client’s online reputation. It is number 6 on our list and is here to stay. It was established in 2010 and has been in this business for 9 long years! It is one of the best digital marketing companies out there.

Located at: Dubai, Singapore, Mumbai

Services Provided: Online PR, Social Media Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Web Business, Integrated Digital Campaigns, etc.

8.    Phonethics

Pricing Range: $$$$(High)| Success Ration: 84.59%

About the enterprise: It is a company that was established in 2006. Since its launch, it has been creative in its approach to digital marketing and incorporated globally accepted processes in its work. It ranks number 7 on our list of the best Digital Marketing companies in India.

Services Provided: Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Marketing Customer Relationship Management, etc.

Located at: Mumbai

9.    TechShu

Pricing Range: $$(Low)| Success Ration: 76.67%

About the enterprise: With a motto of you win we win, TechShu is one of the leading names in Digital marketing in today’s world. It not only delivers results of a very high standard but also lets you choose the team you want for your business. It is indeed one of the best names in the business there in today’s world.

Services Provided: Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, etc

Located at: Kolkata, Chennai, New Delhi, Mumbai, London, Boise, Singapore

10.    BCWebWise

Pricing Range: $(VeryLow)| Success Ration: 52.67%

About the enterprise: This enterprise is known for its creativity when it comes to promoting brands. It is one of the top players in the world of Digital Marketing and it is known to use beautiful storytelling while promoting a clients presence!

Services Provided: Social Media Optimization, Email Marketing, Website development, Intranet development, etc.

Located at: Mumbai, Delhi

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Well, this concludes our list for the best 10 Digital Marketing Companies in India. This is particularly useful in you want to hire a top rated name for promoting your digital presence. It is also useful if you are a newbie, just starting a career in digital marketing, looking to know the names of the major players in the industry. I hope this has been informative and helpful for whatever purpose you have! From all of us here, this was a quick look at the best 10 Digital Marketing Companies in India!

Future Opportunity of Digital Marketing in India!

The need for digital marketing in India is increasing every day. There are more than 550 million internet users in this country and this is all because of the Digital marketing campaigns that have happened here so far. Also, we need to be grateful to Mukesh Ambani, an entrepreneur, who decided to experiment with a plan to increase users, by drastically cutting costs of internet connections in our country. In today’s time, almost every house at least one internet connection is available for use. The internet has spread out from the urban to the rural areas and it’s a sign of great progress for the country. The range of users of all age groups has debunked the myth of the internet serving exclusively, the community of the younger generation!

Most of the internet users of our country are above the age of 30.I’m sure we can find certain examples at our very homes in today’s date. We find our parents and elders, always busy with their phones and tablets and he has emerged as a new source of entertainment for them, at the very least. Digitization has indeed, taken over.

Today, even the newspapers and other news outlets take the help of the internet for their content. They sometimes take the tweets of famous celebrities and important figures, and display them, for example. Protests in social media and such handles are these days being taken seriously, maybe as seriously, as the protests that happen in the streets! This is a great example to understand the importance of social media in our lives in this country. Social media is a powerful tool to spread out the information in the modern world.

A common adage in Marketing that “ Be there, where your customers are.”The best place to find customers these days, on the internet. When we require anything, the first place we go to look it up is the internet!. Everybody seems to be living, a digital life nowadays. It is crucial for companies to expand their digital presence, because in the near future, every organization, is going to focus on digital marketing to get the bulk of their clients. The Digital market is a huge sector in itself. It has made reaching out to people easier and quicker! The impact digital marketing is creating every day, is vast and benefitting because it has great implications for the progress of the country too. Digital marketing is also a proven cost-effective approach. Also, it can be done by both small and large scale businesses according to their intentions and requirements!

The interesting fact is, that there are about 5000 vacancies of jobs for digital marketers in India according to LinkedIn and there is a great demand for this kind of service provider. Yet, very few people actually have the right knowledge to deliver useful results! But not to worry, the world catches up pretty soon.

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