Current Cool Trends in the IT industry!

Current Cool Trends in the IT industry!

The good thing about the 21st century is that the times are always changing for the better. We live in a dynamic world, with virtually limitless possibilities! The business ideas of today are shaped by the times we are living in. The Best Science and Technologies in the world are better than ever before and the latest IT innovation has reached a point where better pattern recognition, better automation, and greater ease of access, are guaranteed. With new technology, comes better use!

Now, what exactly do we mean by IT?

It is essentially the usage of computing technology encompassing both hardware and software to develop, store and Exchange all forms of electronic data. And an improvement in Information Technology is going to lead the way in making our lives better in the future!

So what are these technologies that are constantly in the news for making our lives easier? What are the best technologies in the world right now?

1.    5G Networks are here!

Next-gen technologies have a lot to offer. Spain has a National 5G Plan that says that it will create projects throughout 2019 to release a second digital dividend! All this means that very soon, perhaps as soon as 2020, parts of the world will be able to have access to data at a mind-boggling speed of 10 gigabytes per second This is certainly the latest Technology for the future. This is a massive trend of today, and is one of the most talked about things there is in the whole IT industry!

2.    We are more into Cloud computing and this is truly a step ahead in IT innovation

Better management of data is ensured with a range of other things in this new approach that has been the focus of the attention of businesses around the world. This provides greater scalability to businesses and makes them flexible. This also comes at a minimal cost, so that you don’t have to spend an arm or a leg for this technology! The truth is, you only pay as you use the service. The cost of hardware is minimal in this scenario. The service is very efficient too. The uptime is almost always 24/7 so you can access your data anytime you want. This is one of the upcoming technologies that you can rely on for your needs.

3.    Thinking smart? Think of AI or Artificial Intelligence!

Although it takes up a lot of resources to compute even today, we are steadily witnessing rapid growth in machine learning, and things like pattern recognition and better automation are fast becoming a reality. Today the technology is regularly used by IT companies for speech recognition, image recognition and to give users a more personal usage overall. We have already seen self-driven cars, and the future will hold a lot of amazing changes that will emerge from this current trend of Artificial Intelligence that we have now.

4.    And another cool trend is here: The Internet of things! (IoT)

The internet of things is essentially the attachment of intelligence to everyday things and other infrastructure, to get greater use out of them and make our lives better. This has emerged steadily in recent years and has already enhanced our lives a great deal, by providing information about physical things we use daily, for our benefit. The great benefit of this is the fact that computers can keep track of things at home when you aren’t there. They inform you about the expiry date of that milk in your freezer to the medicines in your cabinet. And the most interesting thing this does is, you’re always informed about when you’re running out of a certain necessity. This practically means that a day is soon to come when we all live in abundance thanks to this technology. We never run out of supplies!

5.    And here is something particularly novel: The Blockchain technology!

Blockchain is indeed the future of IT! It is simply put, a chain of records or blocks, connected by cryptography, and these blocks are designed to be unmodifiable! So, using this technology, it becomes possible to keep track of an immense number of financial transactions effectively, which was not so easy before. This technology is trending for some time now, and by the looks of things, it will be the future of a lot of things, because of its use in a number of spheres!

6.    Privacy is a real concern!

With people getting more and more concerned of unethical and illegal practices of piracy and hacking, organizations are coming up with newer ideas of how to protect their customer’s data from falling into the wrong hands. Maybe soon we will all be able to rest easy knowing that we are secured, no matter what. But for now, as always, concerns in the security of data have been an unfortunate trend in the IT world of today.

7.     AR and its perks!

AR or Augmented Reality helps in a variety of ways today and is one of the most emerging and talked about innovations IT has to offer us, right now! It is the way by which users interact with visual, auditory and other modalities that are completely computer generated. This has its use in changing the way we educate our children and will also let us play some amazing 3D games! It also has a great deal of use in other fields too, and its cousin, VR, or virtual reality is budding slowly but steadily too!

8.     We will have better deep learning!

People across the world are developing better methods of deep learning by creating better hardware for our complicated computations. Soon, deep training will decrease the time required to develop a software application, from months to just a few days, and this will result in a massive upsurge in productivity. The costs required are expected to go down too! This is an exciting trend in IT right now, and we will just have to wait and see how this technology unfolds in the near future!

9.      Better Robotics!

The robots are here! Well, not entirely, but certainly in a way- better than before. With advances in AI, robots are becoming easier to train and can do stuff now that they couldn’t before. This technology will keep getting better and better in the future, and one day most of our daily problems will be solved by Robotics, owing to this current trend in IT!

10.     Virtual Reality or VR.

Virtual reality is advancing at a slow but steady pace. It is one of the most talked of technological trends in the IT industry today. This has led to not just an immersive experience for users who like gaming but has the potential to simulate serious and sometimes traumatic scenarios, that could be useful in training the military to make them more equipped and prepared. Everyone seems to be very interested in VR right now, and its cousin AR, or Augmented Reality, as we discussed earlier, is yet another thing to watch out for, in the current technological scenario.

Upcoming technology looks to be more promising day by day! We are in the stage of watching the future unfold right in front of our eyes and these trends in IT that we mentioned, are most likely to lead the way for a better tomorrow for all of us. With the time changing each moment, we have as a generation of people, witnessed transformations, beyond what many could think of. The future will be even more dynamic than the present. These trends will take you there in a new era of technological bliss, and we will slowly see our lives transform for the better! With so many great things just ahead, let’s be there, together!

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