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Front Desk

THINKLAB provides you Front Desk feature which assist you automized your Workflows, Communications, Online Payments and much more.

Bar-Code & Automations

We aim to provide a smooth transition for managing an hospital. Scanning a barcode and getting the details fetched will help you offer error free details and time saving feature.

Fastest Execution

Cloud based integration of software helps you to fetch the data which saves your time and can be accessible from everywhere which helps you to execute the actions fast to your patience

Easy Report Making

By using our software, reporting will be automized and customised as well. We provide a tool of report making which make it easy for you with all the customization done as per you required

Report Accurecy and Authorization

By using Cloud based technology, we do take care of security. No one can access the data until it was authorized by you with all the security parameters checked.

Smooth Billing & Delivery

The software comes with an integration of Billing and schedules of deliveries. So if you miss any delivery, system will remind you and all the calculations are done by the system for billings.

Online Report Download

You can download report of any patient, purchase, sales, deliveries and more just by a click on Download Button. You don’t have to maintain the files physically

Email & SMS Notification

We want your patients should never lose you. To stay connected with your patients and aim to buid a relationships.

Mobile App - Patient & Doctors

We provide a simple user interface via mobile application. An easy lab software with free download where patients and doctors can stay connected and updated with the patients concerns.

Powerful Accounting

THINKLAB aims to be your accounting partner. We provide accounting software which is most reliable yet powerful to maintain your accounting books. Our software is as good as an employee for you.



Benefits of ThinkLab

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Improve Your Patient Experience

Every patient has a dilemma or a second thought is to stand in a queue or wait for the number or appointment which ends up unsatisfied experience and losing the patients.

To overcome the problem we have come up with the management software which makes the customer experience better.

  • Complete automated & digitalized

    Everything will be digitalized from booking the appointment till the reports, the whole end to end process will be automated.
  • Online Report Delivery

    Patients can download the reports online with hassle free process by just one click away. Time Saving, Cost saving and Paperless environment.
  • Mobile App & Online Payment

    With seamless experience patients can directly pay online via application or website and either you or patient doesn’t have to go anywhere.

Powerful Reporting System

Customise your reports in any format that suits your business needs. Set calculations & other rules for allusion ranges based on gender & age.

This advantage makes 'ThinkLab' one of the Best Diagnostic Management Software in India.

  • Integrationi with Lab equipments

    We integrate your lab equipment’s with our software. You don’t have to buy multiple software. All at one go.
  • Manage full operation

    Your daily operations will be managed post integration our software. You don’t have to go at multiple places and from start to end everything will be automized
  • Stop revenue leakages and billing

    Cope specific limits like, discounts limits, credit limits, cash in-hand, etc. for your staffs to avid the leakage of revenue with accurate billing.

Grow your business with ThinkLab

We aim to be the one of the best software solutions provider in the industry. We focus on providing advance features with customization our software as per your needs.

By experiencing the automization in the manual process leads to grow your business with low investments on manpower and administration and high revenue generation with satisfied ratio of patients.

  • Always Stay Connected

    In an era of mobile apps, you can always stay connected with patients by using our app to stay updated
  • Advance Accounting

    With 100% accurate accounting, you can always stay on the top of your business and have up to date information of the account books
  • Improve efficiency & save cost

    With automized process you can save your time, money and dependency on manpower. As our software will work as an employee with error free outputs

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Sample management, Reporting made easy, Authorizations, Eliminate data entry work with error free work with no human intervention, Automated Workflow with automized validations and delivery, Inventory Management included Supplier and Purchase Orders management, Stock Management, Finance Management which includes the daily insights of transactions and payments via mobile app. Reports conciliation across multiple locations, Staff management with Compliances & Policies, Secured Parameters with 2 Factor Authorization which also helps you to stop the loss in revenue, Audit logs of everything and much more.

You name it we give it. Hence we claim to be the one stop solution of the Medical Software.

Just about Diagnostic Management Software

One of the Best Pathology Management Software

Cost Effective – We are one of the best software with cheapest rates as compared in the industry

All in One – With an expert team, we have gone on every details of the manual operations and built a software that automized the process and minimum human intervention is required

24*7 Support – Lack of Customer Support is the pain point from every software company. We do provide 24*7 support to our clients to ensure the transition goes smoothly

With ThinkLab Pathology Management Software in India

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Why Chose Us

Designed for startups
with powerful API

With all the features in one software, we have also includes the Startups into consideration. With providing the easy integration for developers, we also took care of the rates. As a startup, this software will be compatible with the pricing plans and the features.

  • Best diagnostic centre management software
    With all the necessary integration of the workflow we are one of the best diagnostics software provider in the industry
  • Hospital management software
    All in one software which also includes hospital management by automizing the workflow.
  • Safe & Secure
    Integrated with cloud based technology, provides the safety and security of the data and accessible only after authorization.
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