Opportunities Of Content Marketing In India

why is content marketing important in 2019

Content Marketing as of now is the same as Content Writing. 21st Century is the age of youth and a billion youth in India who are trying various fields and exploring new opportunities to bring out the best in themselves.  Content writing is one of them, it is the most powerful pillar of ‘Digital Marketing. The work of a content marketing analyst is to increase the visibility of your brand and develop lasting relationship with your audience.

Meaning of Content Marketing

Content Marketing maybe defined that help to generate valuable content on a certain topic that shall be informative to the reader on one side and marketable to the business on the other.

In simple words, Content Marketing is the art of engaging a reader’s attention in your article under the garb of selling your own product to the reader.  Content marketing has become an important business tool for the marketing professionals who shall sell their product as well as give them a brand image. This image shall suit the product and bring out its benefits in the most subtle form in order to attract the customers attention. It is due to this that a content marketing specialist is able to occupy an important position in the business industry.

Benefits of Content marketing:

Attract Distract attention of the customers:

Be it an image, hyperlink, videos or any other resourceful material, in order to sell your product the most important element is to distract your reader’s attention. If you get their attention, half your work is already done. Research has shown that putting such materials adds up the time that the customer may want to stay in the page of your website.

Expand their customer base:

Content marketing definitely helps in reaching out to many customers with just a click on their mouse or a touch on the cellular phones. With thousands of information available it is important to make your work stand out. However, every business needs a target-based audience that shall consume their products. Marketing helps to reach out to their customers and create as strong base for the introduction of their product. It engages an online community of users who help to read and understand the product and hence buy them for their use.

Generate or increase online sales:

Undoubtedly, Content marketing is mostly used in e-commerce and online businesses in order to reach out to the people around the world. In such a form of business content writing is the key to reach out. This directly affects the sales of the company and hence shall be an effective tool for the company to grow from its marketing strategies.

Increase brand awareness or credibility:

The loyalty and trust of a branded item is developed with its awareness and use among the customers. The brand loyalty is important for a company so that a customer may come back in order to keep or use services for a company. Brand awareness or brand marketing maybe is the result of a content marketer who signifies the brand different from the others and helps create good and positive name for the brand. This is done via the number of visitors to a page or time spent on the page by a visitor.

Content Marketing is cost-effective:

Content Marketing is cheaper than other forms of outbound marketing strategies like advertising or hoardings. In many ways, it is different than the traditional marketing strategies and is new and cost-effective. New- age marketers prefer this kind of marketing especially in case of start-ups as it reduces the amount spend on marketing. Also it is a good place to occupy the attention of the netizens!

Content marketing is shareable:

Content marketing maybe shared by a number of people through social media applications like Whatsapp or Instagram. The art of writing any content is to make it resourceful for the reader to accept whatever is being told by the writer and to make the reader more favourable to the product which is being talked about without actually disclosing it. However, the digital form makes it easy for any reader to share the content with anyone who might be interested in reading or knowing about the content.


With the arrival of self-driving cars in the future, no more will people be looking at the billboards.  They spend most of their times on using their phones. That’s where online marketing popularly known as digital marketing shall be a platform to attract more and more customers towards the selling of their product.  Since the number of people spending more and more time on social media and other online activities is only rising, content marketing has a long way to go…

  • Content is the king in digital marketing:  Content is the king in digital marketing which attracts the number of persons that shall use their internet and with a touch of on a screen they shall be able to view and read information that is presented to them. This information should appear to be useful in order to get hold of the reader’s eyes.
  •  Content maybe controversial: In websites and e-commerce businesses, content may create some amount of controversy but should be backed up by one’s opinions in order to reach out to the customers by providing them with links and useful videos.
  • Creation of content:  This is what is mostly needed so that a visitor on a page may spend more and more time in reading what has been written. The more intriguing the content presented, the more time shall be spent on the webpage. Content is the heart of the matter that is presented on a webpage.
  • Content is the king of SEO:   SEO content writing involves writing in such a manner so that the article presented maybe ranked higher for the related keyword searches. The keywords should be used in such a manner that the content should be optimized for search engines as well as humans.  Search Engine Optimization needs strategic use of keywords and search terms in order to validate the content and then further put it up on their website.


Creativity is the core in content marketing strategies. It is not only a significant tool but also a way by which content marketing shall become easier to market the company’s product or services.

  1. Companies may generate marketing through creative advertisements or cartoons like that of ‘Amul – The Test of India’ in India. It generates content related to trending news within the country from the Amul’s perspective.
  2. Blogging is also a creative aspect to understand the point of view of the website in order to discuss upon a certain topic, gossips or news. Like Bewakoof.com does so targeting their audience which is mainly the youth by posting pictures or talking about fashion dos and don’ts in the music festivals all across the country.
  3. Analytics or statistics is also one of the many ways by which the companies provide information that maybe used to generate a lot of information in an appealing way by the use of graphics like tables and charts. Simplify 360 does so in all their content marketing strategies.

Final Word for Scope of Content Marketing in India!

We may say that scope in increasing in content marketing each day in India. All that one needs is to be creative and precise in order to bring out their product or services in a most distinguished manner from the rest. It is important for any business especially in the field of e-commerce to build their image and present themselves in a most subtle manner to the customers all over the globe.

Picture Credit: Pixabay

Article Credit: Komal Chauhan

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