Are Keywords dead? If not now, they will soon be!

Google has stepped into separating and filtering search lists for a user. It is never again attempting to simply look through a single keyword/query for you; it is trying to have a discussion with you.

Connection has begun to assume an enormous job in Google’s serach results. Google has just begun giving less significance to keywords in domain names and URLs and it will before long begin penalizing websites who simply stuff keywords in their site to rank higher on SERPs. According to a study by  searchmetrics, keyword in URL/Domain name has negative connection. A negative connection is a relationship which implies that as the estimation of one variable increases, the estimation of different decreases.

Now coming to the main point; for what reason is there a felt that keywords are dead? Look at this example:

I recently serach a voice look on Google for “Watches”. This was the outcome:

Notice how goes ahead the top. After going through a couple of links, I thought I’ll visit the Amazon site and look at the watches there. In this way, I completed a Voice Search for “Amazon”. I was astounded to see the result.

The top result was straightforwardly for the watches pages on Amazon website. Google consequently searched “Amazon watches” when I searched “Watches” and after that “Amazon” in 2 distinct queries.

What Google did here for me was, it automatically made a connection between my last search and this search i.e “Watches” and “Amazon”. What’s more, since “Watches” and “Amazon” have a quite decent correlation, Google directly indicated me connects to the page which contains watches on Amazon.

Note: These search query correlation does not influence the promotions. It just influences the Organic search result.

The second search query was “Amazon”, not “Amazon Watches”, and consequently the advertisement that showed up on the SERP was for Amazon. The genuine promotion that comes when you look for “Amazon Watches” is this:

See the difference? That is all a result of the significance given to connection in organic search result. Google never again needs to give you results for your inquiries; it needs to have a conversation with you.

Note: This component is just accessible on Voice search.

Another example demonstrating a similar fact:

Voice search on Google for “Lionel Messi”.

Next, search “Who is his wife”. See the result for yourself. Enjoy conversing!

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